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Obtaining a Permanent Resident Card in Canada
Recently, there is a somewhat lengthy processing time to obtain a Permanent resident (PR card). Having a PR card does not grant a person a permanent resident status; it merely confirms that the person is a permanent resident of Canada.
Closure and Transfer of Visa and Immigration Services of the Canadian Embassy in Seoul
Effective immediately, the Visa and Immigration Section of the Canadian Embassy in Seoul is closed. Applications currently in process in Seoul have been transferred to Manila for processing.
Undeclared girlfriend jailed, deported
An Oregon woman who hid in a van entering Canada to avoid immigration officials has been sentenced to 12 days in jail. Following the proper procedures might have earned her entry into Canada but that is now unlikely.
What Criteria Support a Strong Case For a Temporary Resident Visa?
In order to be successful when applying for a temporary resident visa there are several criteria that CIC officials will be looking at.
What does a 'bona fide relationship with my spouse' mean to Canadian Immigration officials?
Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as a permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your bona fide spouse to come to Canada as a permanent resident – to live with you in matrimonial bliss.
CIC Centralizes the Submission of Permanent Residency Applications
CIC Centralizes the Submission of Permanent Residency Applications in the Federal Self-employed Persons and Quebec Business Classes.
Appealing Before the IRBC
This article describes the three types of appeals that can be heard by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada; Sponsorship Appeals, Removal Order Appeals and Residency Obligation Appeals.
Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Criteria
This article describes the seven criteria that are necessary to become a citizen of Canada.
International Students Misled
Colleges can be the ones who end up paying students when they do not live up to their promises. Such is the case with these two well renowned educational institutions which found themselves in a legal kerfuffle when they did not deliver on what was promised.

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