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Canada Immigration Application

If you want to immigrate to Canada permanently, you will need to determine a lot of factors which will make you an eligible candidate. We, at Kitchener Immigration Lawyers, can help you determine what aspects of your life make your migration possible. We help by interviewing you and getting a thorough grasp of your life and background so we can determine which points we can use to strengthen you immigration application.

For example, you could be a skilled worker in our country and you may not know it. Working in a simple butcher shop could have wondrous effects on your application. Having desirable job skills can be favorable to your application. We can help you realize what you have to offer Canada that will increase the chances of you being approved for immigration and citizenship.

You may also have enough money to be considered an entrepreneur. We show you how to calculate things such as your net worth and investment capabilities. These factors are also largely considered when you want to stay in Canada permanently.

Canadian Citizenship

In order to become a citizen of Canada, you must first be a permanent resident so you therefore must have a successful application for immigration. As already stated, we can help you, and highly recommend that you seek professional help with the process -- even if it's not with us. As long as you provide us with correct and sufficient information, we will help you with all the paperwork and throughout the entire process. Once you have successfully migrated to Canada, becoming a citizen is another journey, and our Kitchener Immigration Lawyers are still capable of giving you a helping hand.

It is mandatory that you be a resident in Canada for at least four years out of the six-years immediately preceding before your application for Canadian citizenship is submitted.

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