Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

When Choosing an Immigration Lawyer always look for competency.

Always ask "Does this lawyer practice immigration law solely or only some of the time?" Immigration laws are always changing, so it is clearly crucial to engage an immigration lawyer who practices in this field daily. If the lawyer does not know the answer to a question, does he/she know what resources to use to find you the most accurate answers? Of course no lawyer will always know the immigration rules relating to all countries of the world, but a competent immigration lawyer will know where to go to get you the best answers quickly.

Will this lawyer understand your circumstances, priorities, needs and wants? This lawyer-client relationship needs to be a good fit, as you will you have to work with each other over an extended period of time, possibly at least a year or two. Is this lawyer empathetic and will he or she really listen to you? You will have to be able to trust this person with very private and personal issues about your spouse, parents and/or children.

Find an immigration lawyer who listens to you and cares about your situation.

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