Client Testimonials

Jennifer, I’m just writing this letter to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for the boys and I. You have made a lot of sacrifices for us.

I am still in a state of euphoria and I can truly see the hands of God extended to us. He is truly an awesome God that loves us very much. The boys are so elated and they really appreciate all that you have done for them.

We thank you for attending the hearing with us especially on a holiday, and it was on family day when you could have been spending time with your family.

Words can never express the magnitude of what you have done for us and the time that you and your staff have put into our case and it is because of the great work that you all have done we were able to achieve this success.

The boys and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They have promised me that they intend to use this opportunity that was given to them to the best of their ability – to become productive members of society.

Because of you they have been given the chance of a lifetime – a home in Canada and great future.

God bless you.

Kay and the boys

I met Anna, the love of my life, online a few years ago. Although we were only a few hours apart, geographically there was a border between Canada and the US between us. Neither of us had any idea of how to arrange for me to move to Canada and so Anna asked her friends if they could recommend anyone. Two lawyers in the area independently gave us Jennifer’s name and so we arranged a consultation with Jennifer Roggemann’s office.

When we arrived, we had no real expectations of what we would find but we were pleasantly surprised at how welcome we felt. After our consultation with Jennifer we were very comfortable that Jennifer and her team knew what they were doing. We are so glad we made the decision to hire Jennifer to represent us with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Our interactions with Jennifer and her staff were very smooth and they made a very bureaucratic process very pleasant. They were responsive to our concerns or questions and got back to us within 24 hours usually. There were a few hiccups in our file and one of the things we appreciated most was the communication from Jennifer and her team during those moments. They were always able to match the type of communication needed to the information they had to tell us. If it was something that we were going to have a lot of questions about, they would speak with us in person, if it was great news, like telling Anna that I could become a permanent resident, they shared the joy with us over the phone. We really appreciated those personal and thoughtful touches. Even when there was a problem with our file, we never felt like it was ‘our problem’. We felt taken care of and that the steps to solve the problem were already underway before we even knew about them.

The most valuable thing that Jennifer and her team gave us through this process was time. Having them be on top of things allowed Anna and I to focus on our lives and not worry about all the paperwork. Money comes and goes but you can’t get back time. Every dollar spent on Jennifer and her team was money well spent.

Both Anna and I have recommended for friends to go and see Jennifer. We tell them that we felt like we were in good hands and they provided guidance for things that we would have been lost to try and figure out on our own.

A well informed advocate on your side is essential through this process and that is exactly what we had. When it is time for me to consider Canadian citizenship, Anna and I will be back with Jennifer and her team.

Joe and Anna

I had a problem with my previous application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and I needed to find some help. I decided to go to Google and see who popped up. I saw that Jennifer’s office was # 1 on google and so I decided to see if she could help me. When I came for a consultation, I felt very comfortable and that I had made a good choice. They offered me some options for my case and I felt I was not alone and that my problems could be solved. I decided to hire them as my law firm and would recommend them to friends and family. I eventually made the decision to go a different route for my immigration concerns but I would still recommend Jennifer and her team to those close to me. I would tell them that when they come into the office, they won’t feel like an outsider or awkward. It is a comfortable place to share your struggles. Their ranking on google was the reason I went there initially and after meeting Jennifer and her staff, I see why they are #1.


My husband and I were looking for how to have me come and stay in Canada with him. I had a complicated history and we realized that we should get some advice so we could do things the right way. We did a google search and found that Jennifer was highly recommended. She was in our city and so we called and booked a consultation.

When we got to the office we were nervous and a little uncomfortable with the whole idea but Jennifer’s office put us at ease fairly quickly. It is not in a big building with lots of people but a comfortable environment where we both felt secure. We had read the testimonials on the website and found them true to our experience with Jennifer and her staff.

The staff is very friendly and were able to explain things to us clearly – even the complicated things. They gained our trust and they never lost it. As we were going through the process, we knew that Jennifer and her team were giving us a chance to get on with our lives together. How can I put a value on being able to be with my husband during this process?

I have recommended Jennifer to others telling them that she is a good lawyer and that you can depend on her. She is very knowledgeable but not intimidating. Her staff is humble and treat all their clients with respect. Overall, we had a very good experience with Jennifer and her team.

My favourite memory was when Peter got the call from the office saying that our applications were complete and we were just waiting for the landing details. I am now a permanent resident of Canada and I can’t wait to finally be able to make plans for our future knowing that my status in Canada is secure.

Sheilla and Peter

I met my wife online and I wanted her to come and visit me in Canada. I didn’t realize how difficult that was for someone from China and so I did that on my own. Knowing what I know now, I would have come to Jennifer and her team earlier. I traveled to visit Jie in China and eventually we fell in love and got married. We wanted her to join me here in Canada. When I first went to Jennifer’s office I was anxious and not sure if this was even going to be possible – given the refusal we had with a visitor’s visa.

After meeting with Jennifer I was struck with two things; One, her sense of optimism about our situation and two, the confidence and professionalism in what they do. Immigration is their only business and so they are good at what they do. I also like that she did not promise or guarantee success which would have raised a red flag for me.

My experience with Jennifer and her staff has been both friendly and professional. They are very thorough and were not hesitant to tell me when there was more needed for my application and giving me clear guidance on what I needed to provide. They knew the time frame for things and kept to them. I knew up front the things Jie and I needed to be collecting and there were no last minute surprises.

I never felt anxious through this process. I trusted that the people that I hired were the experts and I followed their advice. They gave me valuable insight into Immigration Canada’s perspective and were invaluable in presenting our situation both accurately and positively in our application.

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer and her team to others looking for immigration help. I would tell them that if you want the more than meeting the minimum checklist on the Immigration Canada website but rather a complete and sufficient application that really reflects who you are - go and see Jennifer and her team.

I was very surprised when I learned that our file was completed both in Canada and overseas in just over 10 months. Jie is now here with me and we are learning how to be the best spouse to each other. She is looking forward to exploring her new home and one day to become a citizen.

Thank you!

Robert and Jie

Sue came to Canada from Korea in 2007 with her two small children. Dan stopped in to the variety store her family owned in Southwestern Ontario and started a conversation. Their relationship progressed until they wanted to get married. They were told, correctly, that they could fill out all the forms and file applications themselves with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Unfortunately, the applications they filed for Sue and her two minor children were rejected.

When asked if, knowing what he knows now having gone through the system, he would make the same choices, Dan quickly states "No, I would have gotten help much sooner". "To attempt this yourself...", Dan retorts "forget it".

Sue’s family had contact with Jennifer through the broad Korean community in Southwestern Ontario and recommended her as a "good lawyer”". Sue says that with her limited English, especially when they came to Jennifer in 2009, it was incredibly helpful to be able to get information in her native language.

Dan says that in realizing the level of detail that was required for a successful application, it’s no wonder their attempt on their own didn’t succeed. "We had no idea of the process – it’s not something we deal with every day. Why did we assume we were expert enough to navigate the government?" he wonders.

After filing their final applications in 2011, Sue and her two children attended their landing ceremony in June, 2012 and are now officially permanent residents of Canada.

Sue & Dan

"I chose to work with Jennifer because she answered all the questions I had about my immigration options, whereas two other lawyers could not give me satisfactory answers to my questions".

Laura sponsoring Travis

Grace came to Canada from the Philippines in 2004 as a live-in caregiver, leaving her 8 year old with his father. Two years later, she started the process to become a permanent resident on her own and spent several years trying to navigate the system. She has not seen her son since coming to Canada. He is 16 now and she has not seen him for more than half of his life. Her main comment about her separation from her son; "I owe him time".

She says that Jennifer "is an answer to my prayers". After meeting with Jennifer and her staff, she would feel a sense of calm return and hope that this was going to work. "I knew that she was the expert and knew how to work through the system to get me my residency", she said adding "I could say anything, ask any question and not feel silly, I had confidence in her answers". Grace says that everyone in the office was very approachable and encouraging and when others would say "she’s so expensive", Grace would reply "I don’t care about the money, this is my life. Money is nothing".

When she came to Jennifer in May of 2011, she was in danger of being removed from Canada and barred from this country for 2 years, leaving her new young son in Canada without a mother. 13 months later she is scheduled to attend her Permanent Residency landing ceremony. Today, when asked about travelling to see her son next year, Grace smiles as she replies, "I can now make plans".


"I never realized how much the old crap in my life would hold up my future. I never thought I would get married, let alone to a ‘foreigner’. We knew we had a complicated case. It would NOT be possible to do this on our own. Without Jennifer and her staff, I would have given up the fight a long time ago.

We interviewed two immigration lawyers at the beginning of this; one didn’t want to speak with us until we’d gotten all of our fingerprints, filled out all the forms and given them $2000.00. Jennifer met with us and walked us through the initial steps to getting fingerprints, the forms we needed – basically how to get started. We knew she really cared and it wasn’t about the money with her.

Going with Jennifer speeds up the process because she knows what you need to do … and it is not such a headache! Why would I stress about this when I can get help from the experts?"

Danielle & Kevin

Donna and Abed met online while he was in the US on a student visa from Jordan. Soon after meeting Donna, Abed came to Canada on a Temporary Visitors Visa. Their relationship became more serious and Abed wanted to explore how to stay in Canada longer, to be with Donna. Donna and Abed say they decided they needed to hire a lawyer. They were referred to Jennifer and Donna quips, “we got lucky!”.

When Jennifer took their case, Abed was scheduled for a departure hearing with Immigration and he wanted someone on his side who knew the law. He notes "it was amazing to me how different the Immigration officials acted once I had a lawyer sitting beside me". "With Jennifer" he says, "she didn’t make big promises but she always delivered big results". Donna adds, "We felt safe with Jennifer". When asked what she would say to someone today who is where she started seven years ago, Donna responds, "Hire the girl! She’s efficient, friendly, not intimidating and gets the job done".

Today, not only is Abed a permanent resident, in 2009 he became a Canadian citizen. Donna sums up her advice to others, "If you pay them money and then don’t take their advice, you get what you get".

Donna & Abed

"Jennifer Roggemann is one of the most approachable and reliable legal professionals this community has! As an immigrant woman herself, Jennifer has a genuine desire in helping other immigrants or agencies like ours which are serving them."

Olga George-Cosh, RSSW
Executive Director - Focus for Ethnic Women

"Thank you very much for the valuable time spent on us. I learned a lot from the information you have provided to us. You are very knowledgeable and practical."

Chandra Kanthie

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