Extension of Visitor's Permit

How to extend your Canadian Visitor's Permit

Visitors who wish to extend their stay in Canada need to embark on an extensive application process in order to have this done. With this being said, it is important to recognize who can be classified as a visitor. In Canada, Visitors are classed as anyone who isn't a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, who has been legally permitted to enter Canada for a short period of time. Their purposes for entering Canada are to vacation, conduct business, and or visit relatives. This particular class must meet certain requirements, their length of stay is restricted and they must adhere to a variety of other stipulations.

The first step to extending your stay in Canada is to confirm your temporary resident status. This solidifies that you are still eligible to apply for an extension. You can do so by checking your passport for a stamp that should indicate the expiry date. If there isn't a stamp in your passport, count six months after the date you entered Canada to determine your expiration date. It is recommended that you apply thirty (30) days before your temporary status expires. Once you have applied within the specific timeframe and have not received a response, regardless if your expiry date has passed, you are still considered to have temporary resident status. This is called "implied status".

However it is advised that you apply in advance of this recommended thirty (30) day period, due to the large number of applications that the Case Processing Centre receives every year. Also, ensure that your application is fully completed and that it is accompanied by the application fee. If the application fee is missing or the application is incomplete; such as missing a signature, it will be returned to you. In this situation, you will not receive the benefit of "implied status", and you will be required to re-apply. If you intend to reapply after your status has expired, you should also apply for Restoration of Status. You may only seek to apply for restoration within 90 days after to your expiry date has passed.

Remaining in Canada after your temporary resident status has expired is considered to be an offence, therefore in your application for Restoration of temporary resident status, it is important to provide the full details that surround the circumstances which lead you to commit this offence.

Whether or not you met the initial eligibility conditions to receive a visitor's permit, these requirements must be met once more in order to extend your status. Additionally, the following considerations should also be addressed:

  1. What is the applicant's objective for staying in Canada for a longer period of time?
  2. Is the applicant's reason or motives for the extension a legitimate one?
  3. Does the applicant have enough money to support his or herself without working in Canada?
  4. Will the applicant voluntarily leave Canada at the end of the extended stay?
  5. What was the original purpose of the visit to Canada and has it been fulfilled? If not, how much time is required to fulfill this purpose?
  6. If the applicant is of a working age, can he prove to CIC (Citizen and Immigration Canada) that he or she will refrain from work or study without authorization?

It is highly recommended that you seek proper legal assistance before applying for an extension so that you will be suitably proficient in identifying whether or not you are eligible. If you are certain that you may not meet the eligibility requirements, it may not be reasonable to apply for an extension. A record of such an application will remain with CIC and will reflect upon your credibility in subsequent applications or interactions with immigration officials.

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