When applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

1. When you make an application to CIC for a specific purpose, such as immigration, entry to Canada, study permit, etc.

In order for an application to be accepted, such application must:

  1. Be in writing using the form provided by CIC.
    Such forms may be changed from time to time. Before submitting such a form, it is critical to make sure that your form is up-to-date by checking it on CIC’s website on the day you are going to submit it.
  2. Be signed by the applicant.
    You must make sure your signature is on the application form in the exact way the form requests. In addition, your signature should be the same one on your identification, such as driver’s licence or passport.
  3. Include all information and documents required by the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulations as well as any other evidence required by the Immigration Refugee Protection Act.
    How one puts all the required information and documents is different from case to case, and you should make sure that you have included all required information and documents. You should know that the document checklist in the form may not list all the information and documents you should include.
  4. Include the filing fee payment.
  5. Show who the principal applicant is if you are married or in a marriage-kind of relationship.

2. When you enter into Canada at any border.

When you enter into Canada via an airport, sea port or land crossing points, you are in fact making an application to enter into Canada physically. When you do that, CIC has full access and a right to examine you at such point, regardless of your immigration status. In other words, even if you are a Canadian Citizen, CIC has a right to ask all relevant questions to you to verify your citizenship and immigration status in Canada. Any incorrect or misleading statement can get you into trouble. For example, as a citizen of USA, UK or Republic of Korea, you may enter into Canada without applying for an entry visa in advance. However, if you have a pending study permit, and decide to answer to CIC that you are to study in Canada, CIC will demand the production of your study permit. Therefore, it is critical that you answer all your questions carefully.

Any applications via forms (#1) or in person (#2) will be stored in their global data base for a significant time period to be accessed by CIC whenever you apply to CIC in the future. Any inconsistent information or misleading answers may jeopardize your future applications without you even knowing. As a result, if you have any application made in the past and wish to make another application, it is important to keep a copy of all your previous applications and accompanying documents for such future application. If you do not have any copy of such past applications, you may be able to obtain them by application to the Freedom of Information office for a copy.

The material in this article is only for general information. For your specific situation, please consult a professional before you submit your application.

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